Tate - Chila Kumari Burman

A visit to artist Chila Kumari Burman’s studio who uses everyday objects to explore representations of Asian femininity in the West

director · camera · editor

Mary Stephenson - Egg Roll Play

A look inside artist Mary Stephenson’s studio

director · camera · editor

Tate - Amar Kanwar

Exploring Amar Kanwar artwork ‘The Lightning Testimonies’ which confronts social violence by exposing the use of sexual brutality to exert power in times of political conflict

director · camera · editor

Tate - Giacometti

Curator Frances Morris discusses the life of artist Giacometti, highlighting the key works in Tate’s retrospective exhibition of his work

director · camera · editor

Tate - Dayantia Singh

A film about Indian photographer Dayanita Singh and her portable pocket museums

director · camera

Tate - Simeon Barclay

Following the artist Simeon Barclay on his journey of self-reinvention to explore the inspiration behind his work

director · camera · editor

Keeping Afloat

Following a milkman on the same milk run he has done around Hackney for the past thirty three years

director · camera · editor

Screened at DocHeads & The Smalls Short Film Festival

Tate - Susumu Koshimizu

Japanese artist Koshimizu explains his artwork 'From Surface to Surface'

director · camera · editor

Mary Stephenson - Hill & Szrok

Following the artist Mary Stephenson as she creates a portrait of the founders of the cookhouse, Hill & Szrok

director · camera · editor


A documentary about brotherhood and belonging, following a former monk of Ampleforth on a journey back to the monastery he left behind

director · camera · editor